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My role: E-store design

At the behest of Immix's visionary founder, I embarked on a journey to materialize a distinctive brand dedicated to women's comfortable clothing. Rooted in a delicate balance of design and quality, Immix's ethos revolved around creating a wardrobe that seamlessly merges style with comfort. This essence resonated throughout the design of their e-store, where gentle aesthetics and tactile comfort converged.
Immix's clothing philosophy, characterized by their meticulous attention to design and the use of high-quality fabrics, called for a digital extension that mirrored these values. The e-store was to become a digital sanctuary where the gentleness of the fabrics translated into a serene online experience. The brand's aspiration to capture the feeling of a "flowing daydream effect" was achieved through a harmonious interplay of minimalist aesthetics, soft beige hues, and playful abstract copper lines and buttons. This blend lent an air of lightness and comfort to the e-store, echoing the very sensation of wearing Immix clothing. The user experience was thoughtfully engineered to echo the brand's philosophy, allowing visitors to navigate the e-store with a sense of ease and fluidity.


I would like to close this flowing presentation with the beautiful quote from Eleaonor Roosevelt: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Thank you for your attention. 
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