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Red Cross

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Augmented Reality App / experience

I had the opportunity to work as Art Director with talented team of Nedd agency on Red Cross project "Enter the room" which invites you to live an Augmented Reality experience that pushes the feeling of presence to an unprecedented level.
This experience begins in real life: as you hold up your iPhone, a virtual door appears in front of you. Cross the threshold and explore a little girl's bedroom, as if you were really there. Follow the evolution her life and health over the past 4 years of war, until today.
With "Enter the room", the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Nedd wanted to demonstrate that AR could be a revolutionary medium for storytelling; an effective way of communicating a message, portraying emotions and, ultimately, serving a larger cause.
"Enter the room" has been relayed by many media and users around the world. It was ranked in the top 50 most downloaded free apps on the App Store, all categories included.
The story of how damaging horrors of war can be is told trough impact it makes on little girls life. The story is told indirectly - trough changes in her room, her toys, her drawings. The story takes us trough 5 chapters. 

Chapter 1: A peaceful morning 

The girls room is filled with sunlight, happiness and safety. Her drawings are happy, her toys live in her bed, the colors are optimistic, warm and uplifting. Lots of sunlight.

Chapter2: When the night comes

A cozy and mystic evening. The bed is filled with warm safe light opposing to the surrounding dark cold blue environment of the night. The first shootings outside are taking place. We get anxious.

Chapter 3: A year after the war broke out
There's signs of abandonment in the bedroom. The atmosphere is cold. The surrounding noises of daily shootings are taking place. The crutches and medicine near her bed show that girl possibly had injuries. The drawings show bombardments and firing airplanes, a house was injured and flooded - the water is now running through the roof. 

Chapter 4: The bombshell

A most dramatic and scary moment of the experience. The nights of bombardment. We see a room with girl trying to protect itself from this evil with a built bombshell out of a table. With a night light and doll and other toys. We understand a scared little girl is hiding here often.

Chapter 5: Four years into the war.

We're leaping through time. Four years is now since the war has started. It damaged completely the life of a little girl and her room. There is no bed anymore - all of it had to be used to cover broken windows. Her room was used as a barricade. Bullet on the walls tell a story of terrible shootings that were directed towards the room. A complete feeling of abandonment. And a damaged doll. We don't know what happened to the girl, but obviously horrors of war changed her life dramatically, same as it changed her beloved room.



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